"My friends thought I was nuts...
until I found a Harley!"

The secret is out. There is a virtual goldmine
within a few miles from your home.

Hi Friends,

That quote above is from a buddy of mine. Soon after he retired from a really good job, he hooked a trailer to his pickup and started attending storage unit auctions. It seemed a little crazy - and then we started hearing those stories...

The current economy has been tough on people. It has also created a boom in the storage unit auction business...

Watch this short video from the A&E TV series "Storage Wars"
and you'll see what I mean:

People have a lot of “stuff” – especially us Americans - and they don't have enough room for it all. In fact, as of 2010 there is more than 2.35 billion square feet of self storage in the U.S., or a land area equivalent to three times Manhattan Island under roof.

When renters cannot keep up with their payments on the storage unit, the contents are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Entire units full of items often go for a few hundred dollars - but it's still common to see winning bids of under $50.

Once you've purchased the contents, they are yours to keep - or resell for a really nice profit.

Everyone likes to hear stories, here is one that happened in my hometown:

A troubled young man abandoned his unit at the local mini-storage. (Rumors are, the young man was the son of a wealthy Hollywood celebrity.) The manager tried to reach him for months, but to no avail.

Eventually, the storage facility held a silent auction for several units. Having never reached the young man, the contents of his storage unit were to be sold at a silent auction.

As the door on the unit was opened, bidders were greeted with piles of garbage bags in the middle of the floor. Only one person placed a bid, for $100.

That sole bidder won. His responsibility was now to clean out the unit, so the storage facility could rent it to a new customer. If he found anything of value – it was his to keep.

As he feared, the trash bags were full of trash and old clothing. Worthless! But as he dug his way to the back of the unit he uncovered a bunch of cardboard tubes.

Inside the tubes he found high-quality lithographs. Art prints signed and hand-numbered and signed by the artist - and there were dozens and dozens of them! The new owner put the lithographs up for sale, and ultimately cashed out with nearly $50,000!

Not bad for a $100 investment.

Just imagine how he felt when he pulled the trash back and saw those signed prints.

Here are a few other stories, all from my small hometown...

  • As a buyer got to the rear of a packed storage unit he found a huge collection of antique dolls and a leaded-glass china hutch – full of antique china.

  • After initially being disappointed, one man opened a drawer of an old wooden desk to find a beautiful, gold ring with a very nice diamond,

  • and imagine the feelings of a storage facility worker who – while cleaning out a unit that received zero bids – found 45 coffee cans full of quarters to the tune of $3500.

"Those are the fun, success stories. What about the 'flops?'"
"There is no way people are finding these treasures behind every door."

You're right.

Some people "gamble" and make costly mistakes, like this lady...

She bought a unit filled with very nice, sealed, stacked boxes for $250 - only to find out that nearly every box was full of phone books!

What did she do wrong?

She broke the most important rule in my book - the one the "regulars" all know about.

This isn't brain surgery. Although some people try to make you believe it is.

I've reviewed a lot of the books and ebooks on self-storage auctions. Everything I found had (at least) one of the following problems:

  • They are poorly written and unprofessional, with bad grammar and even profanity.

  • Many omit information, or they spend a ton of time on "how to sell your stuff on eBay."

  • Some are full of inaccurate information.

  • They are way overpriced. Some guides I've found run as high as $49 - and like I said, it isn't brain surgery - so it shouldn't cost as much.

My new guide is up-to-date, accurate, and the majority of the book is spent on storage auctions (not how to sell on eBay).

Just as I've done with my other ebooks, I've worked hard to gather all the information you need, and explain everything in a very simple way. Quick and dirty.

storage unit auctions quick and dirty guide

The Quick & Dirty Guide

Get the Scoop on Bidding, Winning, and Cashing In on Self-Storage Auctions

This 75-page ebook explains everything you need to know to get started, and succeed in the ever-expanding world of storage unit auctions.

You'll learn what you need to know before, during, and after an auction, so you can make the biggest profit, with the least amount of effort.

Make no mistake - this isn't a surgar-coated, pie-in-the-sky book that only talks about the success stories. It's an honest, balanced look at all aspects of the business, including the work involved.

I figure, the more you know about the pros and cons in this business, the better prepared you'll be to deal with them.

Personal Experience?

Some authors are quick to point out that their book is based on "their own personal experience." My book is based on my own experiences as well, but I'm just one person.

Wouldn't you benefit more from the knowledge of many people?

I interviewed several people who have years of experience with self-storage auctions:

  • storage facility managers
  • auctioneers
  • people who make their living by buying and selling storage unit contents

All combined, we have over 125 years of experience with self-storage auctions.

Here are some of the things you'll find in this "Quick & Dirty Guide":

  • How to get loads of valuable inventory for pennies on the dollar
  • One rule that - if followed - will ensure that you always make a profit
  • How to "read" a unit's clues to determine how much to bid
  • A formula to calculate how much to bid on a unit that is packed solid
  • Learn about the "unwritten rule" regarding the previous owner's personal items
  • Find out how to go home empty-handed AND with pockets full of cash
  • Discover a way to get storage owners to call you and give you units for FREE
  • See which merchandise sells best online, and which sells best offline

One of the things about this business is you don't have to spend a fortune to try it. Even if you don't have a pickup to haul things away, you can borrow or rent one to give it a try. Like the guy in the video said though, if you hit a good unit on the first try - you're hooked!

Self-storage facilities are all over the United States. They are also some in Europe, and Australia. When I found out what was right in my own "back yard" I couldn't believe it. There really is hidden treasure close to nearly everyone's home.

As you sit here contemplating this purchase, there are probably self-storage auctions scheduled in your area within the next week or so.

Don't go unprepared.

storage unit auctions quick and dirty guide

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Storage Unit Auctions
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BONUS: In the book you'll see that I recommend Craigslist to sell many of the items you find in storage units.

So as a bonus, I'm including The Craigslist Cash Cow, a $10 value.

storage unit auctions quick and dirty guide